ember install ember-google-maps
Loading Google Maps

You can configure the options used for loading the Google Maps SDK in your app's config/environment.js. Only the key option is required, however, from first-hand experience, I would suggest explicitly setting the language and version to avoid any nasty surprises.

During the build process, these options will be used to generate the url to load the SDK, which will then be lazily loaded on-demand. No render-blocking script tags on every page. No jQuery. 👌

ENV['ember-google-maps'] = {
  key: process.env.GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY, // Using .env files in this example
  language: 'en',
  region: 'GB',
  protocol: 'https',
  version: '3.35',
  libraries: ['geometry', 'places'], // Optional libraries
  // client: undefined,
  // channel: undefined,
  // baseUrl: '//'

That's it. You're now ready to create a map.

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